VOCAL Action Fund Voted for a Just Democracy and Helped Democrats Secure Victory

CONTACT: Mariah McGough, mariah@vocalaction.org 


NEW YORK — Following 2022 Election Day, VOCAL Action Fund released the following statement on the will of voters and what’s ahead New York State legislative session, attributable to Kim Smith, VOCAL Action Fund Political Director:

“There’s a narrative that ‘leftist messaging harmed Democrats,’ when on the contrary, it was our bold actions that saved them. Our leaders and members across New York State helped to deliver Democratic victories for candidates because voters rejected values that would undo decades of progress.

Candidates and incumbents were often unresponsive to us and our viable solutions to end homelessness, mass incarceration, HIV and the overdose crisis in our state. Still, we knocked doors, made calls and mobilized to the polls because we know what is at stake and we still believe in a just and equitable democracy.

We pray that these newly-elected candidates realize what is at stake for our leaders, members, and all New Yorkers. We urge them to be the beacon of hope and progress that New Yorkers need to enhance quality of life. And if all else fails, we will hold them accountable to passing bold life saving legislation and remind them who got them into office in the first place.”


The VOCAL Action Fund is a not-for-profit organization and the nonpartisan advocacy and political arm of Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY). The VOCAL Action Fund was created to provide a grassroots, independent and political voice for the most marginalized communities.  Through educational and electoral activity, legislative advocacy, voter education, and community organizing, the VOCAL-NY Action Fund serves to enhance and politicize the mission and vision of VOCAL-NY.