VOCAL Action Fund Endorses Champions and Activates the Statewide VOCAL Voter Bloc to Address Voter Suppression

CONTACT: Mariah@vocalaction.org, 203 470 9979

These Candidates Have a Proven Track Record of Championing Equitable Policies that Contribute to the Quality and Life Expectancy of New Yorkers

NEW YORK — Today, VOCAL Action Fund announced its endorsement of nearly two dozen candidates across New York State. These candidates have shown their dedication and determination to promote policies that will keep New Yorkers from all walks of life alive and thriving. 

The VOCAL Action Fund is intentionally working to create a just democracy for all New Yorkers. For the first time in VOCAL Action Fund history, we will deploy VOCAL Action Fund Ambassadors and activate our VOCAL Voter Bloc to move voters to support our candidates who are dedicated to ending the War on Drugs, mass incarceration, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS. The VOCAL Voter Bloc consists of our statewide allies, and members and leaders whom the system has labeled low propensity, low income, Black and brown voters. These are our people, and the people the system has left behind in the democratic process. 

The candidates receiving VOCAL Action Fund’s endorsements are:

  • State Senator Jessica Ramos, District 13
  • State Senator Zellnor Myrie, District 20
  • State Senator Brian Kavanagh, District 27
  • State Senator Cordell Cleare, District 30
  • State Senator Nathalia Fernandez, District 34
  • State Senator Rachel May, District 48
  • State Senator Samra Brouk, District 55
  • State Senator Jeremy Cooney, Distinct 56
  • State Senator Kristen Gonzalez, District 59
  • State Senate Candidate April Baskin, District 63
  • Assemblymember Khaleel Anderson, District 31
  • Assembly Candidate Eon Tyrell Huntley, District 56
  • Assemblymember Phara Souffrant Forrest, District 57
  • Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs, District 68
  • Assemblymember Chantel Jackson, District 79
  • Assembly Candidate Jonathan Soto, District 82
  • Assemblymember Karines Reyes, District 87
  • Assembly Candidate Claire Cousin, District 106
  • Assemblymember Anna Kelles, Distinct 125
  • Assemblymember Pamela Hunter, District 128
  • Assemblymember Demond Meeks, District 137

“It is the hope of the VOCAL Action Fund that our efforts will not only get our candidates across the finish line, but combat voter suppression and improve turnout,” said Kim Smith, Political Director of the VOCAL Action Fund.

“These candidates have championed our bills and their policies are inline with what constituents want,” said Majid Dunson, VOCAL Action Fund Ambassador and Upstate Field Captain. “My outreach connects me with different types of people in the neighborhood so I can understand their needs and what they look for in a candidate. Voters should understand that when we endorse the right candidates, we’re endorsing ourselves and our communities.”

“When I go out to canvas, so many people don’t even know who’s running for office. But the VOCAL Action Fund has done the work to find the champions who will fight homelessness, mass incarceration, HIV, and the War on Drugs,” said Althea Matthews, VOCAL Action Fund Ambassador and Downstate Field Captain. “These candidates recognize that our issues are human issues and affect our community at large. We’re building our voter bloc to make sure people understand the issues and bring that to the ballot box.”


VOCAL Action Fund is an advocacy organization allied with VOCAL-NY and acts as the policy and political voice of the most marginalized and vulnerable New Yorkers. Centuries of community disinvestment have led to the ongoing crises of historic numbers of New Yorkers dying from preventable overdoses, record high homelessness, emerging HIV housing barriers and overpopulated jails. The VOCAL Action Fund is committed to using its endorsement process to support political leaders who will: bring equity to democracy, produce viable solutions to reverse generational and systemic harms, and create a caring and compassionate New York State that benefits all New Yorkers.